Dominion Employees aim to raise over £2,000 through Payroll Giving

Through the States of Jersey Taxes Office, charities in Jersey are able to claim 25% tax back from every donation over £50 made to them. For example if a donation of £100 is made to a charity, the charity is able to claim an additional £25 from the Taxes Office. Previously, only donations that were made in one lump sum could benefit from the additional 25% tax. Recently this has been expanded to include Payroll Giving.

Payroll Giving enables our employees to make donations to a charity directly from their salary. If the accumulated amount over a year is £50 or more, the donation will qualify as a lump sum donation. It is an easier way to donate to charity for our staff. Dominion, as employers, administers the scheme and employees can spread their charitable giving over a year.

Dominion introduced the Payroll Giving scheme to staff in Jersey in 2016 and aim to raise over £2,000 for local charities this year. Employees had the choice of opting for £5, £15 or £30 deductions from their monthly salary which will benefit one of our chosen charities- Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, Macmillan Jersey or RNLI Jersey.