Dominion supports Cool Earth in the Reduction of Deforestation

Dominion supports Cool Earth in the Reduction of Deforestation

December 2017

For the past year, Dominion’s Jersey office has been supporting the Office Club Cool Earth program, which is also supported by Sir David Attenborough, by purchasing the Cool Earth paper for our printers throughout the year from Stephen Peck Sales.

“Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives.”
–Sir David Attenborough

Cool Earth

Cool Earth works in conjunction with indigenous villages to reduce rainforest destruction in vulnerable areas throughout Peru, to save people’s homes and lives, threatened by illegal logging and coca activities.

People in these villages now live on ‘the front line’ of deforestation and Cool Earth helps them by forming a protected forest area around the villages that reach out to the Charity. These protected forests form a shield to make expanses of neighbouring forest areas inaccessible to loggers.

Recent figures show that Ashaninka villages in Peru’s Ene Valley have lost less than 1% of their surrounding forest since Cool Earth partnered with them, whereas the regional country has lost forest at a rate of 28%. Cool Earth also has similar existing projects in Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea.

The residents within the partnered villages drive the partnership by deciding what it needs most and how funds will be applied; including improving schools, clinics and providing higher incomes; therefore ensuring rainforest protection also enables better lives.

The Production process

The paper used by Cool Earth is produced from purposely grown forests in the EU using low carbon biomass power. One of the integrated mills the Charity uses is located in South East Finland, along the River Kymi in Kouvola, called The UPM Kymi mill. The energy generated by the mill is much more than needed to run, to surplus energy is sold on to the national grid. Production residue manufactured includes biomass electricity, biochemical, soap and crude tall oil.

The paper is PEFC certified and has achieved the EU Ecolabel, which recognises the product as having a reduced environmental impact over the course of its life cycle.


Every month throughout 2017 alone, 1660 trees were saved, along with 7 acres of rainforest and 1798 tonnes of locked in CO2.

Cool earth have sheltered over 8,157 animal species, protected over 19 species of endangered animal and saved a population of 2,960 people over the 19 protected villages in Central Peru.

Cool Earth products are fully supported by Sir David Attenborough and are making a positive impact each and every day by protecting people, animals, rainforests and reducing CO2 emissions.

Additionally, in recent months, Cool Earth has started donating 5p for every ream of paper sold to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Trinity, Jersey.

Dominion is proud to be contributing to such a worthwhile cause and look forward to continuing in the future.