Outsourcing – A Smart Move?

Is outsourcing company secretarial services a smart move? Having a professional company secretary is essential in order to ensure that your company is managed efficiently and in line with current legislation (The Companies Act 2006) and best practice.

The role of the Company Secretary? The role of the company secretary has transitioned from being known as an administrative support function to becoming one of the key governance positions with considerable influence within an organisation. The company secretary role continues to evolve as regulation continues to increase and regulators become tougher.

The company secretary is the critical conduit between the board, its shareholders and Companies House, ensuring that the Company is directed and controlled in accordance with a set of policies, procedures, processes and rules. The company secretary has legal responsibilities for certain tasks that are required by The Companies Act 2006 such as corporate governance framework, shareholder communication, statutory compliance, general administration and other UK rules and regulations.

Do I need company secretarial services? Staying on top of legal responsibilities and keeping up to date with regulatory compliance within strict timelines can be difficult if you do not have a dedicated company secretary. By outsourcing your company secretarial services, you can reduce operational burden, ensure all companies adhere to UK compliance requirements and improve efficiencies. This will also enable you to focus on day to day operations.

Why Dominion? Dominion are able to provide professional tailored services and solutions with individuals who are experienced, reliable and competitively priced while still offering a first class service to clients. You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your company secretarial services receives the specialist skills you can expect. Companies are realising to successfully outsource company secretarial services, it is essential to find the right corporate support firm to partner with. Dominion will provide a seamless service appearing as if we are part of your inhouse team.

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