Private & Family

We do more to protect and preserve our clients’ wealth

Dominion specialise in the research, design, establishment and administration of international arrangements that hold our clients’ wealth, business interests and prized assets within secure, private and tax compliant structures.



All of our services are backed up by class leading technology and processes.


Navision is our key administration platform for corporate administration services and includes client administration, accounting, reporting, relationship and entity management modules as well as database for holding client data and due diligence documents.


Investran is an industry leading software system and is built to streamline and automate the administration requirements of alternative private equity and real estate investment funds. Investran includes the following capabilities: accounting, reporting and relationship management.

Virtual Boardroom

A secure board portal software which allows you to collaborate with others in the compilation of the board pack and then to share that and other key board information with directors.

Cyber Security

Dominion has taken proactive measures to secure our clients data and systems with multi-layered security protections, through networking and infrastructure, technology tools, policies and staff awareness training.

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