Sovereign Wealth Funds

Only by working closely with some of the largest Sovereign Wealth Funds we have acquired the necessary expertise and understanding how important proper governance is for sovereign investors.

Assisting various specialised teams within the Sovereign Wealth Funds and ensuring that all administration, reporting and accounting is carried out to the highest level ensures that funds comply with the highest level of public scrutiny.


Our administration services for SWFs include:

  • Establishment of appropriate fund structure in the selected jurisdiction
  • Corporate secretarial support
  • Regular coordination work for the in-house specialist teams
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Tax compliance and International tax reporting
  • Domiciliation, substance and director services
  • Reporting and audit liaison

Examples of our assistance to SWFs:

  • Assistance with the selection of appropriate jurisdiction of domicile
  • Review of internal governance and proposal for improvements
  • Streamline reporting and accounting processes to achieve greater efficiencies
  • Arrangement of specific banking relationships
  • Hands on assistance with all local compliance and regulatory matters