Outsourcing – A Smart Move?

Is outsourcing company secretarial services a smart move? Having a professional company secretary is essential in order to ensure that your company is managed efficiently and in line with current legislation (The Companies Act 2006) and best practice. The role of the Company Secretary? The role of the company secretary has transitioned from being known

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Limited or Unlimited Company

Limited Company  A private limited company is a legal entity that has a share capital, unable to be sold to the general public, and is separate from its officers and shareholders. It has its own profits, losses, assets, and liabilities which are limited to the company. As such, the officers and shareholders are protected against

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Understanding Your Duties and Responsibilities as a Director

The board of directors make strategic and operational decisions for a Company and are responsible for ensuring that the company meets its statutory obligations. Individual directors participate in board meetings to enable the board to reach decisions and ensure that the company’s obligations are fulfilled. It is important for a director to understand and adhere

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The Role of Company Secretary and Why it is Important

The role of the company secretary has transitioned from being known as an administrative support to becoming one of the key governance positions with considerable influence within an organisation. The company secretary role continues to evolve as regulation continues to increase and regulators become tougher.

Why Board Composition and Diversity are Important in the Boardroom

The requirements of a private company are different to that of a public company with regards to board composition. UK Corporate Governance legislation does not require UK private company boards of directors to be evaluated. However, it is best practice for owners of private companies to look at the composition of their boards.

EU Blacklist Removal

Removal of the Cayman Islands from the EU List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes On 6 October 2020 the Cayman Islands was removed from the “EU Blacklist”, following its addition to the list in February this year. The Cayman Islands Government has continued to work closely alongside EU officials to address their concerns and

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Support your Board!

A well supported board is an effective board! Boards (and ultimately, companies and shareholders) benefit from the support and proactiveness of a quality board support service. Very often, the time and administrative burden of organising board meetings and drafting minutes is underestimated; the efficiency and streamlining benefits a professional service provider can bring to board

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Tapping into Opportunity: How the UAE is Adapting to the implications of a global pandemic

Covid-19 has pressure-tested businesses around the globe, Daniel Pacic talks about the implications the pandemic has had on the UAE in his interview with Sarajevo-based ‘Business’ Magazine. To what extent has the crisis brought about by the pandemic had an effect on the economy in Dubai and the UAE as a whole? As the current

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What does an Independent Director bring to the (Boardroom) Table?

If you’re considering adding an independent director to your board, (and if you’re not considering it, you probably should be) firstly, you need to ensure your candidate is in fact independent. The factors determining a director’s independence are outlined in the UK Corporate Governance Code. To be considered independent, an individual Should not be or

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SWF Investors set to embrace VC Funds post Covid-19

As countries in the GCC begin to re-open their economies, as well as their borders and airports, it is becoming apparent that the effects of the coronavirus-induced lockdown will be severe and long-lasting. Even the most optimistic analysts estimate that at least 10% of the 9.9 million population of the United Arab Emirates (largely made

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