Substance in Lockdown – June 4 2020, 3-4pm BST

Dominion and Harbottle & Lewis invite clients to join our upcoming webinar ‘ Substance in Lockdown’. An informative presentation discussing technical considerations on economic substance including the concept, requirements, implementation and reporting. The webinar will cover different countries’ interpretation, their reporting requirements and practical considerations under COVID 19. There will be a focus on three different jurisdictions namely Jersey, the Cayman Islands and Abu Dhabi, with a discussion on how they have implemented economic substance rules.




Hosted by:

Mirek Gruna

Managing Director, Dominion

Mirek will be joined by

Gary Ashford

Partner, Harbottle & Lewis

Marianne Kafena

Partner, Harbottle & Lewis

Maxine Jones

Client Director, Dominion, Cayman Islands

Daniel Pacic

Executive Director, Dominion, Abu Dhabi



Welcome & Intro: Mirek Gruna

Offshore Substance Rules: Gary Ashford

Substance in Lockdown: Marianne Kafena

Economic Substance Jersey: Mirek Gruna

Economic Substance Cayman: Maxine Jones

Economic Substance UAE: Daniel Pacic



Biographies of Our Speakers:

Mirek Gruna,

Mirek has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry and joined Dominion in
2017 as Managing Director. He is responsible for leading the Dominion corporate and funds offering as well as overseeing the Jersey, Cayman, UK and Abu Dhabi offices in line with Dominion Group corporate and funds strategy. He has considerable experience in offshore trust and company administration, as well as international structuring compliance and risk management.

Gary Ashford

Gary Ashford is Tax Partner at Harbottle & Lewis and a Chartered Tax Adviser. He has particular expertise in contentious tax matters and previously held senior positions at HMRC and leading accountancy firms. He has considerable experience in complex structures, including trusts and funds both in the UK and overseas, and supports non domicile and international clients in identifying areas of risk in their tax affairs. Gary is an expert on the various overseas tax agreements, international transparency, exchange of information and the increasing need for Substance. He also sits on the CIOT Council and is Vice President of CFE Tax Advisers Europe.

Marianne Kafena

Marianne Kafena is a leading tier 1 Private Client Partner at Harbottle & Lewis with particular expertise in the Middle East. She advises multinational families and their private offices on the range of legal and practical complexities that arise when personal, business and trust assets are shared by more than one generation. Her advice ranges from establishing and supporting the work of family offices, to structuring international personal and business assets taking account of cross-border tax and succession.

Maxine Jones

Maxine is responsible for leading and developing the Cayman Office. As an accounting professional with a legal background, she plays a key role in maintaining existing client relationships and overseeing the delivery of service to corporate clients. Maxine has over eleven years’ experience in offshore finance administration and accounting services, during which time she has gained in depth experience in fund management, corporate and trust services in various jurisdictions including Jersey, the British Virgin Islands, London and the Cayman Islands.

Daniel Pacic

Daniel joined Dominion’s Abu Dhabi office in December 2019 as Executive Director and is responsible for the expansion of the Group’s presence and service offering in the UAE and wider GCC region. Prior to joining Dominion, Daniel was Commercial Director at the Vistra Group’s Middle East offices, specialising in offshore company incorporation, trust and foundation establishment, and the authorisation of financially regulated entities in the UAE, particularly in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Previously, he also spent 3 years in the Dubai office of the Sovereign Group, his last position there being Head of New Market Development for the GCC and CIS regions. Daniel has been a resident of the UAE since he was born and has extensive professional experience in the Middle East.